Frequently asked questions

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    Webpage User Agreement

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    What is - internet advertising new opportunity, banner advertising network, within the framework of which you place an advertisement with minimal expenses in several top-rated websites simultaneously and pay for advertising services only according to the clicks on your banner. In order to add an advertisement to the network, you need to sign in, top up your balance, select "Add the advertisement" from the menu and follow the relevant procedures.

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    On which websites will added to the system ad be shown? ქსელში განთავსებული რეკლამა გამოჩნდებას ყველა საიტზე, ერთ-ერთზე ან რამდენიმეზე ერთდროულად, იმის მიხედვით თუ თქვენ რას მიუთითებთ რეკლამის დამატების დროს. მოიცავს ისეთ რეიტინგულ და თავის სეგმენტში ლიდერ საიტებს, როგორიცაა:,,,,,

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    What does advertisement by clicks mean (CPC – Cost Per Click)?

    Advertisement based on clicks (the principle of system working) is modern trend in advertising field, which becomes more and more relevant. Ad, placed in the system, will be shown to thousands and tens of thousands of users daily absolutely for free, and advertising budget is spent only in case of clicks on ad. Advertisement based on clicks gives you possibility to pay purposefully, only in case of consumers' interest in your ad.

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    How is an advertising budget spent and what is the price of 1 click?

    Your advertising banner will be shown to consumer approximately 1 000 000 times per day. This service is absolutely free, you pay only by executed clicks on ad. The price of 1 click on the particular website, when adding to the websites, is 12 tetri: in case of putting an advertising banner in the whole system (will be shown on all websites), the price of 1 click is 8 tetri. After spending of the indicated daily budget your ad will be automatically switched off and reactivated next day (if advertising campaign includes several days).

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    What is minimum daily budget for ad placement?

    The minimum daily budget for ad placement in the system is 4 GEL. Within the framework of indicated budget, it's possible to place one or several advertising banners within the particular campaign. Based on your wish, the advertising budget will be equally disbursed among banners of the campaign or each banner will be given different budget.

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    What are ad banner and advertising campaign, what is the difference between them?

    Advertising banner is a one particular ad which is added by you for spreading particular information with advertising content. Advertising campaign is a unity of created with one common purpose advertising banners (e.g., advertising campaign may be created for promoting sales of home appliances in terms of which 3, 4 or even 10 banners would be added presenting different types of home appliances). Advertising budget is assigned to the campaign and indicated sum will be distributed among banners added within campaign (equally or in other proportion based on your wish).

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    How many campaigns can be added simultaneously?

    You can add unlimited number of advertising campaigns to the system. The quantity of active or paused campaigns is unlimited as well. Please take into consideration that during active campaigns you should have an appropriate amount on your balance, so that it not to exhaust and advertising banners impression not to be paused.

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    How many advertising banners can be added within one campaign?

    Within the framework of a single advertising campaign it's possible to add an unlimited number of advertising banners. Be notified, that the budget of advertising campaign may be disbursed among its banners equally, or, based on your wish, each banner can be given particular amount, after spending of which specific banner will be paused. For example, if an advertising campaign has 20 GEL daily budget and we have added 3 banners within it, but we want to more promote the content of the first banner, we can allocate 10 GEL daily budget to that banner (you can indicate it yourself from the management system) and the left 10 GEL distribute between the rest two banners;

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    Based on which principle an added banner will be shown on the system websites?

    Your ad will be automatically activated and shown in the whole advertising system or on the particular websites (which you will indicate during adding the banner). Your advertising banner, together with the all rest banners, will be shown at random, that is intensity of banner impressions depends on the number of ads, placed in the system at that moment (all banners are awarded the equal weight).

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    How the ad author is insured from artificial spending of ad budget and from wrong clicks?

    An advertisement placed in the system is protected from artificial spending of the advertising budget. The system uses IP control, which means that for any number of clicks made from 1 IP address during 24 hours, the price of only 1 click will be paid from your balance. Also, in doubtful situation you can appeal any click and there will be the relevant reaction from the webpage administration.

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    How flexible the advertising system is and how to manage it (can I edit, delete already added advertisement or place new banner within the campaign)? is absolutely flexible and oriented to your requirements system. You create advertising campaigns and add desired number of banners within the framework of each campaign yourself. Also you define the daily budget, activate, pause or delete particular banners/campaigns, specify the period for your ad to be active yourself. Even after adding an advertising campaign/banner you can change any parameter (content, daily budget, validity period...) and fit to the current needs/budget. You will see all the tools for managing advertising campaigns on the page opened after signing in, where ad management system is given. On the right part of the existing campaigns list the buttons for managing each campaign (edit, pause, delete) are given, while by pressing its name the advertising banners, united within the framework of campaign, will open. You can see the statistics of the particular advertising banner and edit it by clicking the name of that banner.

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    Can I see statistics of my ad (clicks, impressions)? system will provide you with the complete statistical data about your advertising banners. Each ad has statistics button, which gives you detailed information about the number of consumers who have clicked on your ad (number of clicks), the number of times your banner has been shown to consumers, your expenditures for the particular banner and from which websites users have come (audience), from which IP-address and the time particular click has been executed. To see statistics, please, sign in, choose the campaign and campaign banner, in results of which you are interested. Then click on the name of banner and statistics window of the advertising block with the relevant data will open.

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    The ad of which type can/can't I add to the system?

    You can add advertisements of two types to system:

    1. Mixed advertisement (with image and text) - consists of two elements, an image (110X90 px), added by you, will be placed at the left part of the banner, and at the right part the text will be placed (short description entered by you)
    2. Banner advertisement (only with an image) - banner consists of an image (jpg, png types), which you can prepare in advance with desired visual and caption (on the image). Banner size: 220X90px

    It's forbidden

    • To place in the network an ad of other advertising network, which, in its turn, makes money in accordance with ad impressions/clicks from the third part.
    • To place ads with images or text of a obscene content in network.

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    How to add an advertisement?

    To add an advertisement you need to sign in to website (if you have already registered on one of the websites,, MyMarket.Ge or, you can log in with the same username and password. And if you are not registered, you can fill in the simple registration form). After login, first of all, add advertising campaign (click the button 'Advertising campaigns' >> 'Create new campaign' >> indicate the name of campaign and daily budget >> press the button 'Add advertising campaign'. Afterwards you can add advertising banners: click the button 'Add advertisement' >> insert the link user should be redirected to when clicking on the ad >> select type of advertising block (you wish to add banner ad or mixed) >> select advertising campaign, the banner belongs to and from which the daily budget will be spent >> according to the selected category indicate the following information - photo, title, advertisement text (on the right part you will see how your ad will be shown on the website). Indicate ad start and end dates (or mark the button 'From today till balance amount exhaustion'). Mark the checkbox 'I agree with the ad placement rules' and press the button 'Add advertisement'. So, your advertisement is added to the system. Please take into consideration, that you should have amount on your balance in order to add an advertisement (minimum ad minimal daily budget amount).

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    Can I add announcements placed on,, and websites to the system and how?

    These websites are related directly to the system and, correspondingly, it's possible to simply add their ads to After login press the button "My page". Point to the right part of desired ad, click the button "Add to" and authorization window will open on website. Please sign in (you can use the same username and password as for the given website). In opened window there is example of how your ad will be shown in the form of a banner. You can edit the title and short description fields. Afterwards, you should indicate the daily budget for your ad (minimum 4 GEL) and the ad placement term. You can choose one of the two methods: indicate the ad start and end dates, or mark the button "From today till balance amount exhaustion'' (in this way, the ad will be shown as many days as for the balance amount will be sufficient. In any case maximum the amount, indicated in the field of daily budget, will be spent daily). Agree with the website rules (by marking the relevant checkbox) and press the button "Add". So, your ad has already been added to the system and enjoy advantages of the service!

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    How to top up the balance? სისტემაში რეკლამის დასამატებლად, საჭიროა ანგარიშზე გქონდეთ სასურველი დღიური ბიუჯეტის შესაბამისი თანხა (მინიმუმ 4 ლარი). ბალანსის შევსება ხდება იმის მიხედვით, თუ რომელი საიტის ანგარიშით სარგებლობთზე (MyAuto, MyParts, MyMarket თუ MyHome) ან საიტების ანგარიშით ავტორიზაციისას, ბალანსის შევსების ინსტრუქცია იხილეთ მოცემულ ლინკზე (აქს ბალანსის შევსების ინსტრუქციის გვერდი),, ან საიტების ანგარიშით ავტორიზაციისას, ბალანსის შევსების ინსტრუქცია იხილეთ მოცემულ ლინკზე (აქს ბალანსის შევსების ინსტრუქციის გვერდი)